segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

Little Green Men (S. Vai)

Ladies & gentlemen of the world, it is my utmost privilege to announce toYou that these little green men actually do exist, for they are part of the eternal past and venture from all regions of our galaxy to find homage in Our earth's center. governments of the world have been very good at concealing these little visitors and preparing the public with loving movies And pleasent melodies. (ya see, like that one - did ya hear that- yes). Controlled media as to cushion the arrival of our little friends. you see,Throughout history many people have claimed to see strange lights in the Sky. (oh no.) well, the truth of the matter is that these light, and beings, will only reveal themselves to those who are pure of heart, for these enlightened Aliens leave permanent imprinted information on the psyche of those chosen Human only to be revealed to our deteriorating planet at the point in which Our civilization shall enter the new age of light without heat

3 comentários:

  1. Ô, Felispeta, para de pitar orégano que isso tá estragando a sua mente.

  2. Isso aí é parte de uma música do Steve Vai que se chama Little Green Men.

  3. Então é o S. Vai que tá pitando orégano.